the right place
to be for an electronic
music producer and dj. 


Berlin video music awards

Upon my arrival to Berlin, I joined the BMVA team for the 2019 event. Working closely with the director of the event, I fulfilled my curiosity and begun relating more closely with the music industry.
Once the records are spinning, the music and the crowd are all that matters.



This album contains my musical trip of the year 2020. Inspired by the House style of music and a response to the changing Corona times. This album is meant to relax and induce a positive feel to the listener. The club oriented tracks will definitely make you wanna dance!


Luoko aka Luis Bouza is originally from Uruguay, Montevideo and was born in 1992. The now resident of Berlin defines himself as an only Vinyl dj. Currently working on his Music production degree at BIMM Berlin as well as playing gigs in places like Discotek Melankolie and BVMA at club Gretchen. Co-founder of the artistic collective Dinspøt, a space for creativity and community.Luoko is synonym for eclectic House music. Deep, minimal, old school are all part of his musical journey. Always focused on the dance floor vibe!