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Uruguayan chef with french technique and spanish taste.


Ma Cuisine, Auguste Escoffier’s book, has and is still today my main reference when it comes to recipes. More than a book I consider it my bible. A present from my granny Natita, when I was 13 years old, which has shaped myself and continued to inspire my career. 



My training at Cordon Bleu gave me confidence with my knowledge in the culinary arts. The respect for the product, the guests attention and the passion involved in the process fueled my curiosity.



My first steps in and outside a kitchen were accompanying my family,from its starting point, in the winery business. There I develop a great care for good, honest service. From then on I knew I wanted to dedicate my life into creating those special moments that occur when all the right pieces are put together.



Since my starting days in Uruguay as a commie de cuisine I dreamt with the big kitchens of Paris and Europe. My starting point was La Patisserie de Cyril Lignac and Le Taillevent. Later on I worked for William Ledeuil at his Ze Kitchen Galerie restaurant only to finish my european tour in Spain at Martin Berasategui’s Lasarte-Oria restaurant.